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Floating Foot Valves

Alderdice Floating Foot Valves are similar to our foot valves with two floats fitted.  The valve floats on top of the water surface allowing the valve to raise and lower with the water level.

Click here to view the Alderdice Bronze Floating Foot Valve Flow Rate Charts

Floating (Side Outlet) Foot Valve

Alderdice Floating (Side Outlet) Foot Valves are made of Gunmetal Bronze and are an adaption of our standard foot valve, it has a side outlet threaded B.S.P. to take a pipe fitting, eliminating the need for a bend when being floated in a dam or river.

There is a drop bar with a tee to enable the foot valve to float between two Ald-Clear Float Valve floats with stems screwed into the tee.


BSP 1 1/4" 1 1/2" 2"
mm 32 40 50